Consistency or brilliance?

It’s pretty much a given that schools are the best at measuring a student’s level of consistency… consistently attending class, consistently doing homework, and consistently submitting papers. Each day has the same # of classes (until high school graduation), each class is the same length of time, every class is consistently graded out of 100%. You get the picture.

But what about brilliance? While consistency seems to be very well taken care of, brilliance has yet to be adequately valued in the system. Strokes of brilliance don’t come often, but when they do, they can be meaningful, memorable, and worthwhile experiences. They can even change a student’s life.

I’d like to see the value of brilliance (as well as consistency, in some senses of the matter) be infused into the organizational culture of our schools. We need to show students how they, too, can have moments of brilliance, moments of Flow, and profound moments of discovery that they can remember forever.


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