So many topics, so little time

Here’s a growing list of education topics that I’d like to discuss soon.

  • Inquiry-based Learning
  • The Finland model of education
  • Different schools of thought: Paulo Freire, John Holt, etc.
  • Practical learning
  • Creativity in education
  • Classroom dynamics
  • Study skills
  • How textbooks and academic papers are written
  • Academic freedom
  • whatever else will come to mind throughout my day

Let me know if you have any other topics that you’d like to discuss!

Update: Thank you to everyone who has responded and shown me stuff you’ve found as well! Keep it coming, it’s amazing! I just wish I had more time to respond to them all! I’ll have more time this summer.


One thought on “So many topics, so little time

  1. I am from Finland so I would like to know what is interesting at your point of view about The Finland model of education? and of course I can discuss about that.

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